"Spilka Druziv Pryrody" (Association of Friends of Nature) Tokmatska Regional Children's Environmental Organisation, Tokmak town

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Ivko, Sergiy Oleksandrovych
Shevchenko St., 35, Apt. 39
Tokmak town, Zaporizka Oblast, 71700
Tel: (06178) 21577, (06178) 20991
E-mail: ivko@tokmakcity.net
Leader of organisation
Sergiy Ivko


To take an active part in environmental protection; to implement environmental education of the population, especially among young people; to study the nature of the region.

Main areas of activity

  • to develop and implement environmentally-friendly agricultural and industrial methods;
  • to organise and conduct scientific and research expeditions, meetings, conferences on nature study and protection;
  • to promote the conservation of natural monuments and memorials to human culture embodied in the creation of gardens and parks.
  • to highlight environmental information in an eco-newspaper for children: “Inform – SDP”

The organisation's experience in the conservation of small rivers

On 19 March and 15 April 2000, the organisation carried out three activities, "Plant your tree", "Little Willow" and "Clean Streams", on the Rivers Molochna and Chyngul. The aim was to clean banks and streams of rubbish and to plant greenery; 45 people participated in the activities. The activities were carried out in Zaporizka Oblast, Tokmak town and the River Molochna; Tokmatsky Rayon, the River Chyngul. Several small streams were cleaned and willows were planted on the banks of the River Chyngul. The activities, "Plant your tree", "Little Willow" and "Clean Streams", on the River Molochna were organised to celebrate Environment Day, and were conducted in collaboration with the Tokmak Station of Young Tourists; unfortunately, none of the willows took root. However, all the maple trees planted on the River Chyngul took root, but only three out of 15 willows. Neither rubbish nor dog corpses were found in the streams. Educational work was carried out with pupils from schools in Tokmak on taking a caring attitude towards nature.

In 2003, within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme organised by the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project, "Let Us Protect and Rehabilitate the River Chyngul!", was supported.


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