"Edelweiss" Trans-Carpathian Environmental Club, Uzhgorod city

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Kutsenko, Yaroslav Pavlovych
Universytetsky Ave., 6, Apt. 28,
Uzhgorod city, Zakarpatska Oblast, 88017
Tel: (03122) 42228
Fax: (03122) 42228
E-mail: edelv@mvlep.uz.ua
Leader of organisation
Yaroslav Kutsenko


To promote scientific, public and educational activities in environmental protection in the Carpathian region.

The organisation's experience in the conservation of small rivers

On 14 March and 12 April 2002, two workshops, "International Draft Project on the Sustainable Development of the River Tysa", took place in Uzhgorod, Zakarpatska Oblast, with 60 people participating. A national initiative group was created with representatives from public executive authorities, local authorities, scientific institutions and public organisations in Zakarpatska Oblast.

The group's mission is to make a list of the most important issues, determining ways to develop and implement a future programme on Ukrainian territory in the basin of the River Tysa. To further this, representatives of the state administration and scientists from Zakarpatska Oblast were invited to Scentendre, Hungary, to meet representatives from five other countries lying in the basin of the river (Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia and Yugoslavia).

In 2003, within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme organised by the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project, "The Impact of the Main Pipelines on the Environment of the Basins of the Small Rivers of Zakarpattya, Based on the Example of the “Brody-Derzhkordon” Oil Pipeline. The Problems and Ways to Solve them", was supported.


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