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Boreyko, Volodymyr Yevgenovych
Rayduzhna St., 31, Apt. 48,
Kyiv city, 02218
Tel: (044) 4435262
Fax: (044) 4435262


To conduct charitable activities aimed at improving environmental protection, ecology, culture, art, education, science, sports, publishing activities, protecting the interests of special groups of the population - in particular the handicapped, pensioners, veterans, those who participated in cleaning up after the Chernobyl accident and members of their families - the common realisation of their rights, and the satisfaction and protection of their social, economic and other interests and rehabilitation.


  • designing protected areas;
  • publishing activities;
  • researching historical questions of environmental protection, human ecology, environmental ethics and aesthetics; developing issues in environmental ideology and philosophy;
  • organising campaigns to protect reserves and national parks;
  • conducting biotechnical activities to protect rare species of flora and fauna;
  • giving practical assistance to public environmental organisations in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The organisation’s experience in the conservation of small rivers

One hundred and seventy new Nature Protection Fund sites have been created in nine Ukrainian oblasts using the organisation's research materials.

A hundred books on nature-protection topics have been published.

The Centre publishes a bulletin, "Conservation of Biodiversity and Preservation Activities in Ukraine", and the "Humanitarian Environmental Journal".

The Centre has organised 15 nature-protection conferences and workshops.

In 2003, within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme organised by the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project, "Silver Necklace", was supported.


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