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Kyiv city, 03116
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To protect and satisfy the common interests of the organisation's members, which promote the development of young people in order that they reach their complete intellectual, social and spiritual potential as personalities, as citizens of Ukraine, and as members of local, national and international associations.


  • the implementation of educational and play programmes by disseminating them freely among young people, in order to carry out the organisation’s statutory objectives;
  • the development and approval of teachers’ innovative programmes;
  • promoting the introduction, dissemination and awareness-raising of stimulating programmes for educational and personal development;
  • collaboration with educational establishments to assist them in carrying out their statutory obligations, helping give practical assistance to organise free activities for children and to prevent disaffection in young people.

The organisation's experience in the conservation of small rivers

The organisation has carried out the following programmes and projects:

  • an “Eco-Education” programme for two groups of children, aged 11–12 and 13–14;
  • a project, “The Health of the Irpin River is in Our Hands” (Kyivska Oblast);
  • a programme of activities to protect the Maydanytski Lakes and the River Maydanka as sites for the Carpathian Triton (Triturus montandoni) (Drogobytsky Rayon, Lvivska Oblast);
  • a programme of activities to protect the small River Gnylopyat (Vinnytska Oblast, Zhytomyrska Oblast);
  • an integrated programme, “Let Us Save the Nature of our Native City”;
  • a project, “Big Problems of the Small Rivers Rozsich and Bystrytsya Nadvirnyanska” (Ivano-Frankivska Oblast);
  •  a project, “Let Us Save the Small River Kuryachy Brid” (Kyiv);
  • nature-protection activities in the basin of the River Syrets (Kyiv);
  • an “Ecology” educational programme for schoolchildren of forms 10–11.

Fifty-six active members of the organisation took part in the activities, together with 162 volunteers (68 children - members of the "School of Nature" environmental school, 76 children - members of the "Shulyavka" tourist club, 18 parents - members of "Shulyavka" NGO). The aim of the activities: environmental education for children and environmental awareness-raising among the population; nature protection: the improvement of protected river banks, cleaning up and tidying the banks of rivers and lakes, streams cleaned, environmental activities carried out with the aim of attracting the attention of the population to the environmental status and problems of small rivers in densely populated areas, in Kyiv city in particular.

The organisation has prepared a project proposal, "Protection of the Water Chestnut (Trapa natans) population as an example of collaboration between the mass media, population and authorities in solving local environmental problems". The project envisages: 1) activities aimed at informing the population (officials, schoolchildren and other citizens of the rayon) about the existence of unique sites of the Red Data Book species, Water Chestnut (Trapa natans), under the conditions prevailing in Golosiivsky Rayon in Kyiv; 2) activities to improve the sites where the species occurs and to increase its population in ponds in parks in Kyiv; 3) activities aimed at introducing Water Chestnut (Trapa natans) into lakes in the city in order to extend the natural habitat of the plant; 4) to ensure the effective collaboration of different bodies; 5) to use the results of the project to popularise environmental knowledge.

In 2003, in the frame of the Small Grants Program “Save Your River’ conducted by Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project “Let Us Save the Small River Kuryachy Brid!”, was supported.


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