"Vodograi" (Fountain) Bukovynsky Environmental and Spiritual Centre, Banyliv-Pidgirny village, Storozhynetsky Rayon

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Prykhodko, Viktor Ivanovych
Banyliv-Pidgirny village, Storozhynetsky Rayon,
Chernivetska Oblast, 59020 
Tel: (03735) 53265
Fax: (03735) 53265
E-mail: wodograi@cv.ukrtel.net
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To protect the rights and interests of the members, to promote an environmental outlook and spiritual development in young people, and consolidate public efforts aimed at the preservation and rehabilitation of the natural resources in Bukovyna.


  • promoting the development of the environmental consciousness and spiritual development of schoolchildren and students;
  • promoting environmental monitoring and independent public assessments;
  • conducting mass environmental activities;
  • organising environmental, art and ethnographical camps, exhibitions;
  • promoting tourism development;
  • promoting biodiversity preservation and rehabilitation;
  • developing and publishing educational, practical and information materials on ecology and nature protection.

The organisation's experience in the conservation of small rivers

In 2003, within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme organised by the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project, "The Enhancement of Carpathian Small Rivers", was supported.


"Let us Enhance the Rivers of Bukovyna!" 2003. [In Ukrainian.] Vodograi, Banyliv-Pidgirny. 15 pp.

The booklet is aimed at people of Bukovyna who live in the Seret River basin and whose activities to a greater extent directly or indirectly influence the ecological state of the river and the state of the surrounding area.

The authors hope that schoolchildren and students in the Carpathian region, whose lives have just begun, will familiarise themselves with the booklet and will value the perfect place in which they live.

The booklet will help readers to realise that their health and welfare and the health and welfare of their children depend directly on the environment they live in, thus the booklet will help to strengthen public opinion on the preservation and rehabilitation of small rivers.

"Breathing New Life into Rivers" 2000. A Manual on Making Weirs. [In Ukrainian.] Vodograi, Banyliv-Pidgirny. 15 pp.

The book gives general information about the environmental state of the Carpathian rivers in Ukraine, as well as recommendations on making weirs (choosing the place, using local building materials) and searching for partners with whom to conduct environmental activities.

The book may be useful for members of blue patrols, NGOs, pupil and student associations, teachers, citizens and all those concerned about the state of small rivers.


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