"Eco-Dovkillya" (Environment) Public Environmental Organisation, Zhydachiv town

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Turchenyak, Yevgenia Mykhailivna
Danylo Galytsky St., 34,
Zhydachiv town, Lvivska Oblast, 81700
Tel: (03239) 31845, (03239) 32527
Fax: (03239) 31151
E-mail: eco@zhydachiv.lviv.ua
www: http://www.zhydachiv.lviv.ua/~eco/, http://eko.civicua.org/, http://www.ekodovk.narod.ru/


To co-ordinate efforts to radically change the environmental situation in the region and to ensure the natural co-existence of humans and the environment.


  • practical activities related to natural landscapes and nature conservation;
  • creation of landscape parks and planting trees and bushes;
  • environmental monitoring;
  • environmental camps and expeditions;
  • protection and rehabilitation of rare and endangered species;
  • develop activities for industrial enterprises in order to improve the ecological situation;
  • protection and rehabilitation of rivers and lakes;
  • organise games that develop environmental awareness;
  • hold environmental workshops;
  • publication of environmental literature, teaching.

The organisation's experience in the conservation of small rivers

Annually, in the 2nd-3rd weeks of April, the organisation participates in the "Living Water" Campaign and Environment Day, which are aimed at conducting practical activities on nature conservation around Zhydachiv town; 2,000 people participate. During the activities, the water-protection zones of the River Stry are cleared, trees and bushes are planted, streams are cleared. As a result:

  • 6 ha of landscape parks have been planted in the River Stry floodplain and water-protection zones;
  • 3 ha of river bank have been cleared; it has now become a popular spot for locals;
  • two streams have been cleared;
  • a tree nursery with more than 30,000 trees has been constructed; these trees will be planted in the newly made water-protection zones on the River Stry, over an area of 100 ha.

In 2003, within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme carried out by the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project, "The Protection and Improvement of the Biodiversity of Small Tributaries of the Upper Dniester in Zhydachivsky Rayon as an Integral Part of the Ecological Network of Ukraine", was supported.


The natural history and the river system of Zhydachivsky Rayon. – 2004. [In Ukrainian.] Zhydachiv. 75 pp. http://eko.civicua.org/

The book tells a fascinating story about Zhydachivsky Rayon (Carpathian region), its rivers and lakes, and holy wells with healing water. This is a book for anyone who wants to learn about their native area and to protect it from environmental danger resulting from human indifference.

Wetlands International supported the publication by a grant, provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries of the Netherlands within the framework of the "Save Your River" programme, aimed at implementing the project, "Protection and improvement of biodiversity of small tributaries of the Upper Dniester in Zhydachivsky Rayon as an integral part of the ecological network in Ukraine".

Vermiculture in farmlands. 2003. "ECOS" #2. [In Ukrainian.] Zhydachiv. 32 pp. http://www.ekodovk.narod.ru

This publication is a continuation of an information campaign to decrease the quantity of organic waste produced. Vermiculture is not an easy thing, but is accessible to everyone who deals with agriculture. It envisages the processing, by California worms, of different kinds of organic waste products into effective environmentally friendly fertiliser - bio-humus. Bio-humus helps to enhance land and increase its fertility to obtain generous and steady harvests of environmentally clean and healthy products.

The publication was made possible through the support of the Fund of Charles Stuart Mott through ISAR-Ednannya within the framework of the programme, "The Way in Future".

To decrease, reuse and recycle. 2002. "ECOS" #1. [In Ukrainian.] Zhydachiv. 40 pp. http://www.ekodovk.narod.ru/waste/index.htm

The publication is dedicated to the problem of collecting waste products and implementing the approach of separate collection aimed at recycling.

The publication was made possible through financial support from the Lviv Oblast Special Environmental Fund within the framework of the "Democratic Grants" project of the US Embassy in Kyiv.

Learn, Love and Preserve. – 2001. [In Ukrainian.] Zhydachiv. 150 pp.

The book is the first attempt to show some of the environmental work carried out in Zhydachiv town. It is a collection of scientific research-type materials on the natural history of Zhydachivsky Rayon, environmental trail around the town, etc. In addition, children's essays entered in the contest, "I give my vote for nature protection", are reproduced.


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