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"Save your River" Small Grants Programme


Wetlands International Black Sea Programme prepared several project proposals in support of the Ukrainian Rivers Network (URN) under the auspices of the Fundraising Working Group, in accordance with the decisions of the first and second URN working meetings.

One of the project proposals (namely, "Public Participation in the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Small Rivers in Ukraine; Support for the River Network in Ukraine") was encouraged by the Government of the Netherlands. This project, in particular, envisaged the realisation of a programme of small grants for URN members.

In 2003, Wetlands International Black Sea Programme implemented a project that included a contest for URN members called "Save your River". Particular attention was paid to the project proposals aimed at river conservation and rehabilitation by means of:

  • improving collaboration between state institutions and public organisations;
  • strengthening network collaboration (e.g. agriculture – river conservation);
  • supporting local authority actions aimed at creating protected areas;
  • rehabilitating natural sites;
  • increasing the level of public awareness (e.g. by publishing brochures, making television and radio programmes, etc.);
  • environmental education;
  • conducting nature conservation activities (e.g. planting trees, cleaning up river banks, etc.)

A Grants Committee was established to assess the projects. The members of the Grants Committee included representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Ukrainian Rivers Network, and national delegates from Ukraine from Wetlands International, Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, ISAR-Ednannya and InterEcoCentre.

In assessing the projects, the Grant Committee was guided by the following criteria:

  • Compliance of the project goal and tasks with the goal of the grant programme and with the “Strategic Environmental Action Plan of the Ukrainian NGO Network for the Conservation and Restoration of Rivers”.
  • The presence in the NGO of the proper experience and qualifications essential for the project work.
  • The effectiveness of the proposed measures for accomplishing the task of river conservation.
  • The compliance of the project goal with the measures proposed, how they were to be realised and the plan of work.
  • The effectiveness of information dissemination about the results of the project.
  • Prospects for collaboration between public organisations and authorities aimed at solving ecological problems of rivers.

The grants were given to registered public organisations that were members of URN.

No grant exceeded 5,000 Euros in total. The largest possible grants were awarded to sound projects of high quality. A total of 28 projects were supported.


Projects granted within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme


Project title

Grant Recipient


The Enhancement of Carpathian Small Rivers

"Vodograi" (Fountain) Bukovynsky Environmental and Spiritual Centre, Banyliv-Pidgirny village, Storozhynetsky Rayon, Chernivetska Oblast


The Protection and Improvement of the Biodiversity of Small Tributaries of the Upper Dniester in Zhydachivsky Rayon as an Integral Part of the Ecological Network of Ukraine

"Eco-Dovkillya" (Environment) Public Environmental Organisation, Zhydachiv town, Lvivska Oblast


An Improvement in the Water Quality of Small Rivers in Densely Populated Valleys: Self-purification and the Range of Essential Related Activities: Eco-engineering, Environmental Education, and Appropriate Action on the Part of the Local Authorities

"Ruthenia" Carpathian Ecological Club, Uzhgorod city, Zakarpatska Oblast


Live, Our River!

"Zeleny Svit" (Green World) Environmental and Humanitarian Association, Chortkiv town, Ternopilska Oblast


The Development and Implementation of an Action Programme on the Analysis, Preservation and Rehabilitation of the Biodiversity and Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Valley of the River Domotkan'

"Orlan" (White-tailed Eagle) Environmental Tourist Association, Dniprodzerzhynsk city, Dnipropetrovska Oblast


The Production of Audio and Visual Aids on the Protection of Small Rivers

"Yaryna" Public Organisation, Kyiv city


Collaboration with Local Authorities and the Local Community to Undertake the Environmental Rehabilitation of the Prytvarka River System

"Yunisphera" Public Children's Association, Boyarka town, Kyivska Oblast


We Will Save the River Rostavytsya Together!

"Rastavytsya" Public Children's Environmental Organisation, Matyushi village, Bilotserkivsky Rayon, Kyivska Oblast


The Protection of Small Rivers of the Northern Azov Sea Region through the Implementation of a Range of Ecological Activities

"Tavriiska Aid for Protected Areas" Public Organisation, Melitopol city, Zaporizka Oblast


Let Us Save the Small River Kuryachy Brid!

"Shulyavka" Public Organisation, Kyiv city


An Examination of the River Zgar and the Development and Approval of the Local Environmental Action Plan to Conserve it

All-Ukrainian Committee on UNEP Activity Support (UkrUNEPcom), Kyiv city


The Publication of a Brochure, "Practical Experience in the Rehabilitation of Small Rivers" and Production of a Poster-Calendar Relating to the Results of the Successful Programme, "The Rehabilitation of Small Rivers"

"Eco-Gal-Ostwind" Public Environmental Youth Organisation, Kalush town, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast


The Improvement of Collaboration between State Institutions and Public Organisations – to Protect the Cleanliness of Rivers by Conducting Practical Activities and Raising Public Awareness of Ecological Issues by Means of the Mass Media

"Zeleny Svit" (Green World) Kolomyiska Local Organisation, Kolomyya town, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


Let Us Protect the River Desenka!

"Malva" (Mallow) Public Non-Profit Children’s Environmental Organisation, Sosonka village, Vinnytska Oblast


Let Us Protect and Rehabilitate the River Chyngul!

"Spilka Druziv Pryrody" (Association of Friends of Nature) Tokmatska Regional Children's Environmental Organisation, Tokmak town, Zaporizka Oblast


We Will Save Our River!

"Lytsarsky Club" (Knights' Club) Public Organisation, Kherson city


Silver Necklace

Kyiv Ecological and Cultural Centre, Kyiv city


The Development of a Range of Activities on the Conservation of Sources of the River Prypyat

League of Protected Area Activists of Ukraine, Kyiv city


When We Improve the State of the Habitats of Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola), We Stop Degrading Small Rivers

Ukrainian Association for the Conservation of Birds, Kyiv city


Wetlands of Kosivshchyna

"Spadshchyna Gutsulshchyny" (Heritage of Gutsulshchyna) Regional Public Organisation, Kosiv town, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


The Development of Informative Materials Aimed at Spreading Knowledge about the State and Problems of the Conservation of Small Rivers in Ukraine

Ukrainian Botanical Association, Kyiv city


The Impact of the Main Pipelines on the Environment of the Basins of the Small Rivers of Zakarpattya, Based on the Example of the “Brody-Derzhkordon” Oil Pipeline. The Problems and Ways to Solve them

"Edelweiss" Trans-Carpathian Environmental Club, Uzhgorod city, Zakarpatska Oblast


A Public View of the State of Small Rivers

Ecocentre-K, Kryvy Rig Local Branch of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, “AYA”Cultural Creative Union, Kryvy Rig city, Dnipropetrovska Oblast


Improving the Environmental State of the River Rybnytsya

"Nash Kray" (Our Land) Regional Environmental Organisation, Ivano-Frankivsk city


The Production of a Shadow List of Ramsar Sites along the Middle and Lower Dnipro

Institute of Ecology (INECO), Kyiv city


The Provision of Information Support to the All-Ukrainian NGO Action, 'Living Water 2004. Common Actions'

National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU), Kyiv city


Rivers of Zakarpattya through the Eyes of Children: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The River Uzh "Maly Luver" Charitable Fund, Uzhgorod city, Zakarpatska Oblast


Source "Green Land" Children's Environmental Association, Gorlovka city, Donetska Oblast


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