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"Rastavytsya" Public Children's Environmental Organisation

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Olena Oleksienko


Lenina St., 1,
Matyushi village, Bilotserkivsky Rayon,
Kyivska Oblast, 09151
Tel: +38 04463 28197, +38 04463 29525
Fax: +38 04463 28197
E-mail: ekorast@magnus.kiev.ua


Raised environmental awareness and improved environmental consciousness of the citizens, primarily the young people; the involvement of the population and local authorities of the basin of the River Rostavytsya in the development of the "Local Environmental Action Plan for communities of the River Rostavytsya basin"; the improvement of the state of some sites along the River Rostavytsya, as well as other natural landscapes.


  • to continue the work to extend a model section of protected riverbank along the River Rostavytsya;
  • to involve schoolchildren in nature-protection activities and to raise their environmental consciousness by holding a “Water Day” in schools located in the basin of the River Rostavytsya, with performances by action groups from “Rastavytsya” NGO;
  • to conduct surveys and polls of the inhabitants of villages about the state of the River Rostavytsya;
  • to prepare and hold a competition among children from the schools in the basin of the River Rostavytsya on the best environmental essay and the best picture of the river (“Rostavytsya – beauty and pain of Ukraine”);
  • to prepare and hold a competition for environmental action groups of all of rayons in the Rostavytsya basin;
  • to hold the first meeting on the creation of a “Local Environmental Action Plan for communities of the River Rostavytsya basin”;
  • to hold the second international workshop, “Spread of the “Rastavytsya” experience in environmental and educational activities”, on extracurricular environmental education for the younger generation, for teachers of biology and geography;
  • to organise a festival entitled “I’m here for everyone, and not only for you …” with the aim of raising public awareness.

Project Area

Kyivska Oblast


A local public inquiry was held on the problems of the River Rostavytsya

In June 2003, 4,000 questionnaires were prepared and distributed to residents of the Rostavytsya basin. The Initiative Group visited 20 villages and gave questionnaires to the village heads, who became responsible for disseminating the questionnaires, collecting the completed forms and sending them back to "Rastavytsya". One hundred and sixty-three completed questionnaires were returned and processed, with the following results:

  • 100% of the population wanted to see their river clean and beautiful;
  • 80% of respondents had seen other villagers throwing rubbish into the river;
  • 10% of respondents had stopped other people from doing things that led to river pollution;
  • 70% considered that the state of the river could be improved by public efforts;
  • 30% would like to take part in river clean-up activities;
  • 90% agreed with the idea of cleaning up the river through the efforts of their own villagers;
  • 95% of respondents knew nothing about the Water Code of Ukraine;
  • 90% of respondents had no idea about protected riverbanks.


A working meeting was held to establish the "Local Environmental Action Plan for Communities of the Rostavytsya Basin"

An appeal to develop a LEAP was sent to 20 village councils in the river basin. Heads of village councils from the basin, teachers, priests, students and everyone interested in the problems of the river were invited to the working meeting. In addition, representatives of "ECO-VIT" NGO from Dashava village and the Head of Berezhnytsya village, in Lviv Oblast, who took part in the development of the "Local Environmental Action Plan for Communities of the Berezhnytsya Basin" were invited to participate in the meeting. They came not only to share their experience of how to develop a LEAP but also to assure the local authorities of the Rostavytsya basin of the advisability of establishing and implementing such a programme.

The meeting took place on 9 September 2003 (23 participants). At the meeting, the Initiative Group for developing the local environmental action plan for Bilotserkivsky Rayon was established. The next meeting will be held in Skvyrsky Rayon in order to establish an Initiative Group in this rayon also. The participants of the meeting noted that in order to establish a LEAP for Rostavytsya, it will be necessary to establish a joint Initiative Group for the whole river basin.


A competition was held for children's essays and drawings on environmental topics with the theme, "We Will Protect Rostavytsya Together"

Competitions were announced for pupils of schools in the Rostavytsya basin with the help of "Rastavystya" NGO, which visited 10 schools in the river basin.

Ten schools in Ruzhynsky Rayon, Zhytomyr Oblast, and Bilotserkivsky Rayon, Kyiv Oblast (34 participants in total) took part in the competition for essays and drawings; decorative crafts were also eligible for the competition. In the drawings, children showed the Rostavytsya not only as sick and destroyed, but also as beautiful pearl of river beads of Ukraine. When the conclusions were drawn, it was clear that children wanted to see the river beautiful and clean. Essays were of different styles, including poetry about the Rostavytsya. The presentation of awards to the winners and the presentation of the children's essays and drawings took place during a festival called "I am here for all, not only for you…"


A festival entitled "I am here for all, not only for you..." and a competition for action groups on the topic "Rostavytsya - Beauty and Pain of Ukraine" were organised

The festival took place on 12 November in the House of Culture in Matyushi village, Bilotserkivsky Rayon, Kyivska Oblast. At the competition for a performance by action groups, Zhytomyrska Oblast was represented by action groups from Zarichansky Secondary School, Ruzhynsky Rayon (12 participants), Ruzhynska Secondary School (10 participants) and Popilnya Secondary School (14 participants); Kyivska Oblast was represented by a combined group from Skvyrsky Rayon (17 participants) and action groups from Bilotserkivsky Rayon House of Creative Work (14 participants) and Pylypchanska Secondary School (12 participants). The performances by the action groups were bright, interesting and full of information. They talked about the natural resources of each region and gave dreadful statistical data on the environmental state of their rayon. In the breaks between the groups' speeches, ecological games were organised with the children. The "Charivnytsi" (Magicians) children's collective and students from Bilotserkivsky Pedagogical Institute gave their performances at the festival - they presented good songs and dances to the children. At the end of festival an anthem, written especially for the festival, was sung. Schoolchildren from Matyushi and Trushky villages, residents of Matyushi village and representatives of the authorities took part in the festival.


An Interregional Workshop was held for teachers of biology and geography in the river basin

A workshop on the topic, "Sharing the Experience of "Rastavystya" NGO in Undertaking Environmental Educational and Pedagogical Work" was held on 17 November 2003 at the Institute for Teaching Skills Improvement in Bila Tserkva city. Twenty-four biology and geography teachers, educationists from Departments of Education of rayons in the Rostavytsya basin, environmental inspectors and directors of children houses of creative work (32 people in total) took part in the workshop. The issues of promoting an environmental up-bringing and ways to implement eco-educational activities were discussed at the workshop. This was the second time that "Rastavytsya" had held such a workshop, which was based on the results of the first workshop, conducted in October 2002 at Matyushi Secondary School. On this occasion, more schools took part in the competition for the best essay and drawing about the river, an additional public children's organisation was registered, and action groups were established in almost all the schools. It was decided to continue the activities that had been started. All the teachers came to the conclusion that children were able to convey information about the state of the environment to residents, and sometimes even bring a halt to the negative activities of the local population. It was decided to spend more time with children on outdoor activities, to conduct field trips and to play environmental games with them, as well as to involve children in solving different problems relating to improving the state of the environment.

For carrying out the nature-protection activities, members of "Rastavytsya" were rewarded with a Letter of Gratitude from the authorities of Matyushi village. The NGO and authorities achieved co-operation and reached an understanding. Information about the children's good deeds were spread throughout Bilotserkivsky Rayon, and schoolteachers, directors of children houses of creative work and people worried about the state of the environment contacted "Rastavytsya' to learn about their experience and ideas.


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