The Production of Audio and Visual Aids on the Protection of
Small Rivers

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"Yaryna" Public Organisation

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Volodymyr Fesenko


Dovzhenka St., 14 B, Apt. 7,
Kyiv city, 03057
Tel: +38 044 2418230


The preparation, production and dissemination of sets of audio-visual aids in which the environmental problems of rivers and ways to solve them will be depicted in an artistic and journalistically pointed way.


  • to write scripts for audio and visual aids and organise the cataloguing of existing video materials; to conduct an expedition aimed at shooting basic video materials and recording audio and video tracks; to edit scripts, edit and dub films and audio programmes, and replicate the materials prepared;
  • to prepare three video films (15–20 minutes each) on the topics: “The Connection between the Status of Small Rivers and the State of the Surrounding Landscape. Defining Possibilities and Planning Activities to Rehabilitate Rivers”, “Legal Provision and Practical Implementation of Activities to Rehabilitate Rivers”, and “Monitoring the State of a River, Protecting and Caring for It”;
  • to produce an audiocassette for the local radio stations with a course of six 15-minute lectures on the topics mentioned above;
  • to prepare a brochure about the content of the lectures;
  • to show the video films on the First Channel of the National Television and oblast channels; to broadcast the audio courses on the radio.

Project Area

All regions of Ukraine (except mountain regions).


Video films of the rivers were made

Four field surveys were organised to film: Polissya - Rivnenska and Zhytomyrska Oblasts, forest-steppe - Vinnytska and Kyivska Oblasts, steppe - Mykolaivska and Kyivska Oblasts, industrial region - Donetska Oblast.

Video films were made in order to develop a lecture programme of audio and visual aids on the following rivers: Zakarpattya (Uzh, Stuzhytsya, Lubnya, Upper Black and White Tysa), Prycarpattya (Upper Prut, White and Black Cheremosh), Bukovyna (Brusnytsya, Brusenka, Buda), Lvivska Oblast (Ostrivka, Sudylivka), Zaporizka Oblast (Molochna, Akchokrak, Domuzla, Korsak, Yushanly, Obitochna, Kiltichiya, Saltych, Tokmak), Odeska Oblast (Sukhy Yagorlyk, Tyligul), Donetska Oblast (Kalmius, Bakhmutka, Kazenny Torets), Vinnystka Oblast (Zgar, Desna, Vinnychka, Tyazhylivka), Kyivska Oblast (Stugna, Ros, Rastavytsya, Trubizh), Zhytomyrska Oblast (Pavolochka, Postil, Bystriivka), Chernigivska Oblast (Snov) and Rivnenska Oblast (Styr). Scenarios were written for the films.

In shooting the films, the team co-operated with many NGOs from the Ukrainian Rivers Network and left copies of the working materials, if the NGOs wanted them, to be used later on local TV channels to highlight relevant topics. The team also held discussions with representatives of the oblast administrations of the areas in which the video materials were shot. Interviews were held and plans and actions to improve the state of small rivers were discussed in detail.


Three videos were prepared

The video-guide has the general title, "Small Rivers of Ukraine", and consists of three 15-minutes videos. The first video, "Problems", describes the general characteristics of Ukrainian rivers and shows the activities carried out in the river valleys, the functions of the landscape, and the ways in which the resources of small rivers are being used and which are actually altering their appearance and increasing the degradation of their ecosystems. The second video, "Restoration Methods", explains how to stop the river degradation processes and what the rights and opportunities for Ukrainian citizens are in this area. The third video, "To Protect. To Save. To Help", continues to describe the rehabilitation strategy for small rivers, and various types of river monitoring are detailed. On 28, 29 and 30 July 2004, the videos were shown on TV for the first time, on the '5th Channel'.


A brochure of lectures was published

A brochure "Small Rivers of Ukraine" was published; it includes topics such as:

  • small rivers of Ukraine;
  • small rivers as the heart of the natural landscape;
  • use of river resources;
  • human impact on rivers;
  • legal provision for public participation in river protection;
  • forms of public participation in environmental activities;
  • public activities in river conservation;
  • the organisation of actions to protect rivers (planning, identifying action targets, defining actions needed for river rehabilitation, dividing the action into stages and carrying it out, drawing conclusions, a list of some potential activities);
  • monitoring the state of rivers and river valleys (small rivers as the subjects of public environmental monitoring, monitoring of landscape-plant community complexes in river valleys, monitoring of pollution sources, examples of public monitoring of river ecology);
  • diversity of bird species on wetlands associated with small rivers.

 The lecture brochure was disseminated among schools and other educational institutions as well as NGOs.


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