The Production of a Shadow List of Ramsar Sites along the Middle and Lower Dnipro

Grant Recipient

Institute of Ecology (INECO), Non-governmental Scientific Institution

Project Leader

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Volodymyr Maltsev


P.O. Box 79,
Kyiv city, 01025
Tel: +38 044 5460073


A study of reservoir wetlands on the Middle and Lower Dnipro and the preparation of documents to include three of the wetlands in the list of Ramsar sites.


  • to sum up the present information on wetlands of the Dnipro;
  • to make field observations (inventory - mapping, description of wetlands);
  • to prepare materials to apply to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine to add three wetlands along the Dnipro to the Ramsar Shadow List.

Project Area

Kyivska oblast


Existing data on reservoir wetlands on the Dnipro were summarised

In order to choose three potential Ramsar sites, existing data on reservoir wetlands on the River Dnipro were summarised. Data on the current status of the shallow areas of Kyivske, Kanivske, Kremenchutske and Kakhovske reservoirs were analysed.


An inventory of wetlands was made

Field research was conducted into the shallow areas of Kyivske, Kanivske and Kremenchutske reservoirs. The following sites had potential for inclusion in the Ramsar list:

  • “Lypivska floodplain” (west bank of Kremenchutske reservoir) protected area;
  • Sulska Bay (Kremenchutske reservoir);
  • “Protsivski shallow waters” protected area (west bank of Kanivske reservoir);
  • mouth of the River Teteriv (Kyivske reservoir);
  • section between Dnipro and Prypyat (Kyivske reservoir);
  • delta and Kushugumske stretch of Kakhovske reservoir.

The sites are valuable landscape complexes, supporting the biodiversity of water reservoirs as spawning sites, breeding sites for young plant-eating fish, as well as providing habitat for water birds.

In accordance with the requirements of the Ramsar Bureau, maps and descriptions of the following wetlands were prepared: "Lypivska Floodplain" (area 4,500 ha), "Sulska Bay" (31,161 ha), and "Protsivski Shallow Waters" (563 ha).

INECO prepared an appeal to the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine to add the three Dnipro reservoir wetlands to the Ramsar Shadow List.


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