The Protection and Improvement of the Biodiversity of Small Tributaries of the Upper Dniester in Zhydachivsky Rayon as an Integral Part of the Ecological Network of Ukraine

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"Eco-Dovkillya" (Environment) Public Environmental Organisation

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Yevgenia Turchenyak


Danylo Galytsky St., 34,
Zhydachiv town, Lvivska Oblast, 81700
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The promotion of activities to improve the environmental situation of small rivers in the basin of the Upper Dniester in Zhydachivsky Rayon through the involvement of the population, business and authorities in implementing a programme of activities, developed earlier, to save small rivers and waterbodies in the rayon.


  • to conduct public monitoring of small rivers of the region (indicating on the map sources of pollution and places where rubbish is piled up on riverbanks; making chemical analyses of river water);
  • to clean up water-protection zones along the Rivers Stry, Svicha and Berezhnytsya and to plant greenery in the zones;
  • to clean up a stream in the “Bazyivka” local reserve;
  • to undertake activities to protect a species classified as “rare” in the European Red Data Book – Ukrainian Lamprey (Eudontomyzon mariae);
  • to prepare information and educational materials on water reservoirs in the rayon: a brochure, “Small Rivers of Zhydachivsky Rayon”, an information board for an environmental trail, a web-site and a compact disk;
  • to carry out an activity entitled “Clean Banks” (control of gravel mining, as well as extraction of sand from the river floodplain, cleaning up water-protection zones);
  • to conduct public hearings on “The State of Small Rivers in Zhydachivsky Rayon”

Project Area

Lvivska Oblast


Public monitoring of small rivers of the Zhydachivsky Rayon was undertaken

Sources of pollution and rubbish dumps on the banks of the Rivers Stry, Svicha and Berezhnytsya were identified and indicated on a map. Three hundred photos were taken of the river system in the rayon, the sources of the rivers, and rubbish dumps on the riverbanks. These photos were used for environmental education; video film was also shot.

During August-September 2003, chemical analyses of the water in the river system were made; members of the organisation, together with the "Zhydachivvodokanal" city communal enterprise, took the samples. In total, 100 water samples from 18 different points in Zhydachiv Rayon were analysed. These water analyses showed higher than normal concentrations of nitrates and - to some extent - phosphates. According to these indices, the waters are either 'heavily' or 'very heavily' polluted. In Zhydachiv Rayon, the quality of water in the Dniester is improving the due to the presence of two mountain rivers, the Stry and the Svicha, but it is also deteriorating because of the poor quality of all the rayon's small rivers. Because Zhydachiv is an agricultural rayon, the source of organic pollution of the waterways is agriculture and cattle breeding.


Habitats of Ukrainian lamprey were investigated and relevant maps were produced

Based on information provided by local fishers, 20 sites where Ukrainian Lamprey (Eudontomyzon mariae) is known to have occurred in the past were monitored. As result of investigating the 10 km of the Stry above its confluence with the Dniester, two areas of habitat suitable for Ukrainian Lamprey were identified. Ukrainian Lamprey is listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine. Unfortunately, this species has disappeared below the man-made dam that was built for water in-take by the Zhydachivsky Pulp and Paper Mill. The dam and pollution from the mill are the main reasons why the Lamprey has disappeared from the lower Stry as it joins the Dniester.


Measures were taken to clean up and plant trees in water-protection zones along the rivers

Within the framework of the All-Ukrainian action, "Clean Ukraine - Clean Earth", an activity entitled "Clean Banks" was carried out on the following rivers: Stry (within Zhydachiv town), Dniester (where the River Svicha flows into it, at Novoshyno village) and Berezhnytsya (in Berezhnytsya and Livchytsi villages, with the aid of Berezhnytsya Village Council).

On the River Stry, the water-protection zone was cleaned up between the water in-take point at Zhydachivsky Pulp and Paper Mill and the road bridge; 30 schoolchildren were involved (the work was financed by Zhydachiv Municipal Administration). On the Grebny Canal, 300 trees were planted over an area of 0.5 ha. In the Bazyivka area, the steep banks of the River Stry were reforested with pine and fir trees (120 trees in total); some places were planted with a mix of grasses (using turves). In total, 100 people participated in the event. Members of "EcoDovkillya" also monitored the ban on the wholesale extraction of building materials (gravel and sand) from the River Stry. As the areas bordering the rivers are mostly beach zones designated for recreation, the public actively resisted attempts to destroy them through the extraction of gravel and sand for city building requirements.

The water-protection zone of the Dniester was cleaned up in the "Rock Deposits and Campanian Sands of Bakotsynsky Region" natural landscape area. This activity took place at the same time as a field trip to study the surroundings; scouts from the "Plast" camp (Zhydachivska branch) took part. A total of 25 people participated in the action.


Boards giving information about protecting rivers were made and installed

On 17 June 2003, members of "Eco-Dovkillya", together with Zhydachiv Administration of Drainage Systems, installed boards giving information about how to comply with the regulations relating to activities within 50 m of protected riverbanks. The boards were installed near the road bridge on the River Stry in Zhydachiv town and above the Stry's confluence with the Dniester, not far from Zalestsi village. The boards describe all the activities prohibited on protected riverbanks that can have negative effects on the condition of the river system, in particular, on the population of River Lamprey (the following activities are prohibited: ploughing up land, gardening, agriculture, grazing and keeping cattle, servicing and washing cars, creating manure heaps and rubbish dumps, storing and using pesticides and catching lampreys).


River sources were inspected and tidied up

In co-operation with the Zhydachiv Administration of Drainage Systems, "Eco-Dovkillya" studied and tidied up springs in the villages of Bakivtsi (River Kryvulya), Vybranivka (River Davydivka), Novoshyno (River Svicha), Chorny Ostriv (River Sukhodolka), Borynychi, Husyatychi, Kvitneve, Kniselo, Luchany, Pyatnychany and Trybokivtsi (with the help of the village communities). A total of 35 springs were inspected and described, and each was catalogued; 30 people took part in these activities.

The organisation also carried out two major actions to tidy up the spring that is the source of the River Kuna (Teisariv village) and the spring near Mount Bazyivka (Zhydachiv town). Tidying up the spring included clearing the bed of silt and fallen leaves, cleaning up the surrounding rubbish, fixing the fence, planting pines and fir trees on the surrounding territory, etc. Fifteen members the "ECOS" environmental group and 15 members of "Eco-Dovkillya" took part in these activities ("ECOS" functions under the auspices of the Zhydachiv Centre for Children and Young People's Creativity).


Information and educational materials about the waterbodies of the rayon were produced

  • A model of the water network near Zhydachiv town

    A large, pictorial, schematic model of the water network in Zhydachiv Rayon was made on a piece of fibreboard measuring 2 x 1.5 m; it also showed the route of an environmental trail around Zhydachiv town along the River Stry. This illustrative map was installed in the environmental classroom at "ECO-Dovkillya".

  • An information board about the environmental trail scheme

    An information board was installed in the town centre in front of #1 Secondary School.

  • A brochure entitled "Nature, Local Lore and the River Network of Zhydachivsky Rayon"

    Seven hundred and fifty copies of the brochure were published and distributed to all the educational institutions and libraries in the rayon.

  • A new website was made for "ECO-Dovkillya" Public Organisation (,

    The following information has now been placed on the website: Zhydachiv Rayon's environmental programmes, items about local lore, and details of projects.


Public hearings were held on "The State of Small Rivers in Zhydachivsky Rayon"

Public hearings on river system issues were the first attempt by "ECO-Dovkillya" to bring together people who wished to take an active part in the actions to protect water resources in the rayon. A public hearing was held on 30 January 2004, and 30 people took part. The following resolutions were made:

  • to initiate the establishment of a protected area in the basin of the River Stry in the Bazyivka area;
  • to recognise the Rivers Teisarivka and Berezhnytsya as the most polluted rivers in Zhydachiv Rayon on the basis of the chemical analyses and water monitoring undertaken. To direct most future activity into improving the condition of these rivers;
  • to begin developing projects such as:
    • the organisation of real water protection zones in the lower reaches of the River Stry;
    • the facilitation of an environmental trail for tourists along the "Rock Deposits and Campanian Sands at the Confluence of the Dniester and Svicha" unique natural landscape area;
    • reforesting the national park of local importance in Livchytsi village along the River Berezhnytsya, in accordance with a project prepared by Ivan Franko State University, Lviv.
  • to take an active part in nature-protection activities such as planting greenery along the water-protection zones, etc.

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