The Development of a Range of Activities on the Conservation of Sources of the River Prypyat

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League of Protected Area Activists of Ukraine

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Tetyana Andriyenko-Malyuk


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The protection of undisturbed areas around the sources of the River Prypyat by making them into reserves and conducting environmental educational work among the local population.


  • to conduct scientific field research to prepare for the establishment of a hydrological reserve, "The Sources of the River Prypyat";
  • to create and set up an information board, "The Sources of the River Prypyat";
  • to publish leaflets, "Let us save the sources of the River Prypyat";
  • to hold a meeting about setting up the information board.

Project Area

Volynska, Rivnenska and Kyivska Oblasts


A range of fieldwork research was undertaken

The areas surrounding the sources of the River Prypyat in Shatsk and Lyuboml Rayons, Volynska Oblast, were investigated. It was found that the environmental condition of the area around the Upper Prypyat was not satisfactory, and economically it was not being well used. It will be possible to create protected areas in only a few areas around the sources of the river. Four areas were inspected and found to have relatively undisturbed natural complexes. It was decided that the most logical way to proceed here is to create a hydrological reserve of local importance: the "Verbivsky" reserve, in Lyuboml Rayon. Recommendations were made to improve the hydrobiological regime of the sources of the Prypyat.


An application was prepared to establish "Verbivsky" hydrological reserve

The proposed reserve (192.5 ha) is located in a small valley where one of the sources of the River Prypyat rises. The area has retained both natural and semi-natural vegetative cover and is characterised by a typical floodplain and various types of flora. Rare and local plant and animal species are to be found there. There is no doubt about the environmental value of the reserve, which should include the most undisturbed part of the Upper Prypyat. Within the reserve, land-reclamation work, mineral extraction, forest felling and grazing should be limited and regulated; however, haymaking should be permitted.

Scientific data justifying the creation of the reserve was provided to the State Department of the Environment and Natural Resources in Volynska Oblast.


A leaflet, "Let us Save the Sources of the River Prypyat", was published and disseminated

Three hundred copies of the leaflet were published and disseminated. The leaflet explains the purpose of and work involved in realising the project and gives information about the River Prypyat. It underlines the hydrological value and landscape characteristics of the areas where the Prypyat rises, their rich biodiversity, and the need to protect the water network. The leaflet was distributed to the local population.


An information board, "The Sources of the River Prypyat" was made and set up

The information board was set up in the Dubovets area in Shatsk National Park (on an east-bank tributary of the Upper Prypyat) in Shatsk Rayon. The board is on the route of various proposed environmental trails.

Frankfurt Zoological Society (Germany) provided additional funding to implement the project. The society has actively supported nature protective activities in Western Polissya in the past few years, including the conservation of biodiversity on the Upper Prypyat. An expedition was organised in Lyuboml Rayon with the aim of exploring the sources of the Prypyat near Gorokhovyshche village. The creation of the "Prypyat Sources" hydrological reserve of local importance (69.3 ha) has been proposed in this area. Scientific data on the characteristics of the reserve were provided to the State Department of the Environment and Natural Resources in Volynska Oblast. In addition, the information board mentioned above was made and set up near Gorokhovyshche village at the expense of Frankfurt Zoological Society.


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