The Improvement of Collaboration between State Institutions and Public Organisations – to Protect the Cleanliness of Rivers by Conducting Practical Activities and Raising Public Awareness of Ecological Issues by Means of the Mass Media

Grant Recipient

"Zeleny Svit" (Green World) Kolomyiska Local Organisation

Project Leader

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Vasyl Gerula


V. Popadyuka St., 20,
Kolomyya town, Kolomyisky Rayon,
Ivano-Frankivska Oblast, 78200
Tel: +38 03433 23487
Fax: +38 03433 23487


Conducting practical activities involving the population, schoolchildren and students, and inviting representatives of local authorities to participate in the activities; collecting and processing materials to produce a newsletter; disseminating thematic information among the population, young people, students and schoolchildren; involving young activists in contributing to the newsletter, "Human Beings and the Environment"; creating an effective mechanism for informing the public and collaborating with state authorities at different levels.


  • to hold sessions for village, town and rayon authorities on the issue of "The state of the rivers in the city and rayon";
  • to implement the agreed programme of practical activities to clean up streams and plant greenery along the riverbanks, with the involvement of schoolchildren, students and the general public;
  • to publish a twice-monthly newsletter, "Human Beings and the Environment", that gives objective and critical information about how nature-protection activities are organised and implemented and reports the results of keeping the rivers, water reservoirs, private wells etc. clean.

Project Area

Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


Environmental actions were organised

Between 15 September and 30 November 2003, Kolomyya "Green World" began an action called "Plant a Commemorative Tree". Schoolchildren from the upper grades and students of Kolomyya colleges were involved in the action. City, Rayon and Oblast Councils and the State Administration supported the NGO. The State Department of the Environment and Natural Resources in Ivano-Frankivska Oblast supported the action and suggested that it be held again in the spring, making proper arrangements for it to be carried out as part of 'Environment Day'. Between 25 March and 30 April 2004, the activity took place again. The Organising Committee, which included representatives of NGOs, state authorities and educational institutions, announced that 3,650 trees had been planted. Areas of K. Trylyovsky and T. Shevchenko city parks were replanted, and avenues of trees were planted in Kolomyya city and Otyniya, Gvizdets, Pechenizhyn, Korshiv, Velyka Kamyanka, Debeslivtsi and Nyzhniy Verbizh villages.

On 10 October 2003, an action called "River of My Childhood and How to Protect It Naturally" was organised; nature lovers, schoolchildren, students and representatives of people's delegates' environmental commissions participated. Information about practical steps to take to implement the action was sent to all the educational institutions in the city and rayon. Action was taken to protect fish in the Rivers Prut, Chornyava and Pistynka.

The Editorial Board of "Human Beings and the Environment" newsletter, together with subscribers and activist members of the public, held a round table, "Clean Water Sources - Guarantee of Human Health", on clarification and compliance with the Water Code of Ukraine. It was proposed that village, city and rayon councils undertake action to put water reservoirs in order and identify and punish those who knowingly violate current legislation on keeping rivers, streams, lakes and ponds in good order.

In April 2004, an action called "To Clean Sources" was conducted during which schoolchildren cleaned and put in order three functioning natural sources in the basins of the Rivers Kolomyika, Kozachivka and Rodylivka and near the River Chornyava in Zhukiv village.

The environmental actions were featured in "Human Beings and Ecology" newsletter, "Visnyk Kolomyyi" (News of Kolomyya) city newspaper and "Vilny Golos" (Free Voice) rayon newspaper.


Co-operation was established with local authorities

For city and rayon councils, Kolomyya "Green World" prepared recommendations on the conservation and restoration of river basins, rivers, streams and natural sources in Kolomyya Rayon, and on actions to rehabilitate the environment in Kolomyya Rayon in 2004. On 12 July 2003, Vasyl Gerula, Head of Kolomyya "Green World", made a report at a session of the City Council during discussion of the issue, "On the State of Water Resources in Kolomyya".

The Editorial Board of "Human Beings and the Environment" newsletter took part in a spot-check inspection, "On the State of Environmental Cleanliness in the Villages of Kolomyya Rayon". On 8 August 2003, this issue was discussed at a session of the Rayon Council with the active involvement of the representatives of Kolomyya "Green World".

The Head of Kolomyya "Green World", Vasyl Gerula, is a member of the Oblast Environmental and Land Board, and he took part in the work of the Board on the topics, "State of Protection of the Carpathian Forest and Water in Mountain Rivers" and "Land Resources in the Oblast: How They Are Used".


A newsletter, "Human Beings and the Environment", was published and disseminated

Sixteen issues of the newsletter were published. It was disseminated at meetings of the Administration and Boards, workshops, Oblast Council sessions and public gatherings in the city and the rayon. Educational institutions in Kolomyya city and Rayon Departments of Education regularly receive the newsletter; it is also disseminated among members of the Ukrainian Rivers Network.


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