Let Us Save the Small River Kuryachy Brid!

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"Shulyavka" Public Organisation

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Tetyana Chornobrovkina


Vanda Vasylevska St., 13, Corpus 2, Apt. 69
Kyiv city, 03116
Tel: +38 044 2435345
E-mail: org.shulyavka@yahoo.com.ua


The provision of environmental education for children and young people and promotion of environmental awareness of the population, as well as research into the current state of biological and landscape diversity of the forest belt in the valley of the River Kuryachy Brid with the aim of protecting and rehabilitating the areas; prevention of environmental pollution; involvement of children and young people in nature-protection activities; promotion of collaboration with the population, representatives of environmental organisations and information services; highlighting the environmental problems of the city, in particular, the problems of the valley of the small River Kuryachy Brid ("Dubky" forest park), an east-bank tributary of the River Syrets'.


  • to research the current state of biological and landscape diversity;
  • to promote environmental education for children and environmental awareness for the general public;
  • to carry out nature-protection activities (improving the riverbanks, cleaning up and managing streams, cleaning up the banks of the River Kuryachy Brid) with the aim of drawing attention to the environmental state and problems of a small river, the Kuryachy Brid, where it flows through the “Dubky” forest park zone in Kyiv;
  • to inform the population about the environmental problems of the River Kuryachy Brid through the mass media;
  • to establish an annual report, “Nature Chronicle”, giving detailed information on the biodiversity of the banks of the River Kuryachy Brid and the “Dubky” forest park;
  • to organise children to produce leaflets about the importance of nature-protection activities and disseminate them among the population during such activities; to produce posters;
  • to hold environmental meetings with holidaymakers (environmental educational and explanatory work), and to organise NGO members to make speeches, the action group to give a concert, a poster exhibition, the dissemination of the leaflets, “Let us save “Dubky”“, and to play environmental games.

Project Area

Kyiv city


The biological and sanitary state of the north-western part of "Dubky" forest park in Kyiv (Bilytska St., Syretska St., Stetsenka St., and the railway station) was investigated, and the areas most polluted by communal and industrial waste were identified; 20 people took part in the activity.

Members of "Shulyavka" NGO produced 20 full-colour awareness-raising posters and 100 different computerised drawings of environmental subjects.

In September 2003, two large-scale environmental activities were conducted. The members of "Shulyavka" had already undertaken the following activities:

  • carried out basic environmental awareness-raising work among the local population;
  • met with representatives of Shevchenkivska Rayon Administration, the Assistant to the Deputy of City Council, and teachers and children from Secondary School #102;
  • developed and written the scenarios for a mass meeting, concert and environmental-tourism games;
  • prepared and disseminated 100 computer drawings about undertaking environmental activities.

On 14 September 2003, an environmental activity to remove rubbish from areas already identified was carried out in "Syretsky Gai" park in the valley of the Kuryachy Brid ("Dubky" forest park zone). During the activity, the protected riverbanks of the River Kuryachy Brid and two of its sources were cleared and cleaned up; 112 people participated. Information about the activity was sent to "Knowledge of Native Land, Geography and Tourism" newspaper, the "Shkolyada" TV and radio programme, "Shevchenkivets" rayon newspaper and "Kozak Advice" newspaper.

On 27 September 2003, the following activities were undertaken:

  • an environmental mass meeting was held;
  • environmental education work was carried out (speeches by NGO members, scientists, representatives of the rayon administration, local activists and teachers); 
  • action groups gave concerts;
  • an exhibition of environmental posters and newspapers, devoted to the conservation and protection of small rivers in Ukraine (using the River Kuryachy Brid as an example) was held;
  • a circular, “Let’s Protect the Small River Kuryachy Brid”, was disseminated.

Six hundred and fifty people took part in the action (members of "Shulyavska" NGO, children and teachers from schools in Shevchenkivsky Rayon, Kyiv, representatives of Shevchenkivska Rayon Administration, the local population and scientists).

Environmental games were organised in order to strengthen schoolchildren's skills and practical abilities to protect the environment. The winners of the games were awarded prizes, certificates and diplomas; 100 people took part in the games. Photographs were taken during the games.

A video of the project results was produced (25 min).


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