"Orlan" (White-tailed Eagle) Environmental Tourist Association, Dniprodzerzhynsk city

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Domrachev, Volodymyr Illich
P.O. Box 336, Dniprodzerzhynsk city,
Dnipropetrovska Oblast, 51940
Tel: (05692) 90867 (home), (056) 7444594
Fax: (05692) 92641
E-mail: postmaster@eco05.dr.ua, itcr@privat-online.net, lottrec@privat-online.net, orlan@alicetele.com
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To create conditions to improve personal learning skills and to undertake practical activities connected with nature conservation, protection and rehabilitation.


  • organising and carrying out expeditions to analyse and monitor natural ecosystems in Dnipropetrovska and other oblasts of Ukraine;
  • creating an independent databank on the state of nature and environment in Dnipropetrovska Oblast;
  • conducting scientific and research activities as well as searching for projects to identify and create natural areas which need special protection, creating national parks, regional landscape parks, reserves, etc.;
  • organising and conducting conferences, workshops, festivals, contests, creative meetings and other activities that highlight the efforts of the organisation and other similar organisations;
  • organising and conducting regular educational and practical training courses for the association’s members aimed at preparing them to undertake practical activities;
  • forming and training tourist groups to participate in camping trips of different levels of complexity and in contests aimed at checking out their readiness to undertake activities in field conditions;
  • organising and running tourist and sport camps and activities for socially vulnerable children and teenagers and those in poor health.

The organisation's experience in the conservation of small rivers

During 1996-2000, "Orlan" conducted awareness-raising campaigns in support of establishing a National Nature Park in the valley of the River Orel.

In 2000, a comprehensive expedition for young people, "Orel 2000 - Source of Inspiration", was mounted. Its aim was to form a positive public attitude towards the establishment of Orel National Nature Park. Location: the River Orel valley (Dnipropetrovska Oblast - Yurievsky, Novomoscowsky, Magdalinivsky, Zarichansky Rayons; Poltavska Oblast - Mashivsky Rayon). Two hundred participants took part in the activity, including 180 schoolchildren and students. As the expedition included both scientists and young people, an analysis of the natural historical and cultural environment in the River Orel valley was undertaken, including a social survey of the local inhabitants. The outcomes were:

  • Development of the project to establish Orel National Nature Park. The project proposal has been sent to the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Dnipropetrovska Oblast, as well as to the Administration of Dnipropetrovska Oblast;
  • Two video films were made and disseminated;
  • A scientific and practical workshop, "The Problems of Establishing the Orel National Park", was conducted. Materials from the workshop were published as a separate brochure;
  • A positive public attitude has been created towards the establishment of the park ;
  • The "Orlan" children's club has created a River Orel museum in the city of Dniprodzerzhynsk.

 In 2001-2003, "Orlan" organised and carried out an expedition for children entitled "Gullies in the Dnipro Region through the Eyes of Children"; its aim was the mass involvement of schoolchildren of Dnipropetrovska Oblast in research work and nature-protection activities, and the creation of a databank on the current state of the gullies, which are an integral element of the hydrological network. Location: Dnipropetrovska Oblast - Verkhnyodniprovsky, Krynychansky, Pyatykhatsky, Novomoskowsky, Pavlogradsky, Mezhevsky Rayons; basins of the Rivers Samotkan', Domotkan', Mokra Sura, Bazavluk, Saksagan', Samara and Orel'. 300 participants took part in the expeditions, including 270 schoolchildren.

The outcomes of the expedition were:

  • The development of a programme and practical recommendations for supervisors of research groups on the Dnipro Gully Network;
  • A practical workshop for supervisors of research groups was held;
  • More than 80 gullies in Dnipropetrovska Oblast were analysed (during the research activities, the participants were advised by scientists).
  • The participants’ reports were made at the final workshop, with 32 representatives of children’s research groups participating; the reports have been published as a brochure;
  • The materials collected were used to develop children’s projects on the preservation of gullies;
  • The activity became one of the regular extracurricular activities in the oblast.

During May-November 2001, "Orlan" analysed the environmental status, biodiversity and historical and cultural heritage of the valley of the River Samotkan'. The aim was to obtain information on the current ecological status of the River Samotkan', to define the factors influencing its status and improve public relations. The activity was carried out in Verhnyodniprovsky Rayon; 40 participants took part in the activity, including 30 schoolchildren and students. During the environmental camp, artificial nest platforms were made. Meetings were held with teachers and pupils of the local schools. The outputs were the following:

  • The valley of the River Samotkan' was researched comprehensively;
  • Information on the current status of the biodiversity and historical and cultural environment was sent to the State Administration of Natural Resources and Environmental Safety in Dnipropetrovska Oblast, as well as to "Svitlytsya" museum in the Dnipropetrovsk University of Railway Transport;
  • A video film, "The River that Lost its Beauty", was made.

In July-August 2003, "Orlan" analysed the hydrological status of the Orel River near Nekhvoroshcha, Shedieve and Mykhailivka villages (Poltavska Oblast, Mashivsky Rayon; Dnipropetrovska Oblast, Zarichansky Rayon). The aim of the activity was to collect information on the current hydrological regime of the river, and its effect on the hydro-technical construction, the Dnipro-Donbas Canal, located nearby. Thirty-six participants took part in the activity, including 33 schoolchildren. During the activity, methods to research hydrological systems and ornithological biodiversity were analysed. The results were the following:

  • 10 hydrometric stations were created over an area of 20 square km; as part of the research, place and river names were collected;
  • The information collected was sent to the Administration of Water Resources in Dniprodzerzhynsk. The data will be used in the development of the project to partially divert water from the River Orel in spring and at times of heavy rain, to control the water levels.

In 2003, two issues of "Visnyk Orlana" (Orlan Bulletin), the local environmental and educational information bulletin, were published. The bulletin aims to promote contemporary thinking and awareness of environmental issues in schoolchildren and students in Dniprodzerzhynsk and disseminate environmental information that "Orlan" receives from different parts of Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States. The production of the bulletin was supported by the environmental fund of Dniprodzerzhynsk Executive Committee. The distribution of the bulletin was carried out with the help of the Local Department of Education. Four hundred free copies of the first and second issues of the bulletin were distributed, including to 48 educational establishments in Dniprodzerzhynsk. Work to create groups of correspondents was carried out in different parts of the city. Arrangements were made to publish the bulletin regularly, with the financial support of the local authorities.

In 2003, within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme organised by the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project, "The Development and Implementation of an Action Programme on the Analysis, Preservation and Rehabilitation of the Biodiversity and Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Valley of the River Domotkan'", was supported.


Protected Nature of Dnipropetrovshchyna. 2000. A practical reference book for those who strive to protect the beauty of our nature and increase the Nature Protection Fund. [In Ukrainian.] Dnipropetrovsk. 64 pp.


The book describes the current status of conservation activities in Dnipropetrovska Oblast, and gives a complete list of the sites of the Nature Protection Fund in Dnipropetrovska Oblast (dated 1 January 2000) with the structure of the areas described and their conservation problems analysed. The book includes a detailed guide to identifying important natural areas, together with guidelines for completing the necessary documents to gain approval from the authorities when creating Nature Protection Fund sites, beginning with game and botanical reserves, natural monuments and protected areas.


Domotkan’: the past, the present, the future. 2003. Research materials relating to the natural and cultural heritage of the Domotkan' and Samotkan' River valleys in 2001-2003. [In Ukrainian.] Dnipropetrovsk. 135 pp.


The book includes various materials collected by the "Orlan" Environmental Tourist Association during the implementation of the project "Domotkan' - 2003". These are: problems of small rivers in Dnipropetrovska Oblast; hydrological characteristics of Domotkan'; geological composition of the river valley; flora and fauna; the historical outline of the river valley; ethnographic materials and study of local lore; recollections of old residents.

The material collected is very important for the development and implementation of an action programme to study and conserve biodiversity and the historic and cultural heritage of the basins of the Domotkan' and Samotkan' Rivers.


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