"Malva" (Mallow) Public Non-Profit Children’s Environmental Organisation, Sosonka village, Vinnytska Oblast

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Romanchuk, Iryna Anatoliivna
Pryberezhna St., 34,
Sosonka village, Vinnytsky Rayon,
Vinnytska Oblast, 23213
Tel: (0432) 382124
Fax: (0432) 520174
E-mail:  vinmalva@ukr.net
, vromanchuk@ukr.net
www: http://vn.iatp.org.ua/malva/Index.htm
Leader of organisation
Iryna Romanchuk


To realise and protect the rights, freedoms and creative skills of the members, to satisfy their legal interests.

The organisation's experience in the conservation small rivers

A tree planting and rubbish collection activity was held in the water-protection zone of the River Desenka in the village of Sosonka (Vinnytska Oblast) on 15 April 2000. The aim of the activity was to improve the ecological condition of the river and involve the public in protecting it; 17 children, aged 12-14, together with their teacher, took part in the activity. They removed a huge rubbish dump and planted willows along the river bank. As a result, all the rubbish was cleared and the banks of the River Desenka were strengthened.

A waterborne expedition aimed at conserving the landscape and biological diversity of the River Desna took place in October 2001. Rubber boats were provided by the Vinnytska Oblast Environmental Organisation, "Zeleny Svit Podilya" (Green World of Podilya). The outcome of the expedition was the creation of a map of environmentally-unfriendly zones along the river. The local authorities and public provided the organisational support to undertake a rubbish collection in the protective zone along the banks.

The local school was used for contests and class meetings. The "Zeleny Svit Podilya" association helped the organisation with the necessary equipment.

In 2003, within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme organised by the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project, "Let Us Protect the River Desenka!", was supported.


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