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Fesenko, Volodymyr Vasylyovych
Drayzer St., 34/51, Apt. 252
Kyiv city, 02222
Tel: (044) 2418230, 8 (067) 263 9736 (mobile)
E-mail: sony@svitonline.com


Member of organisation
Volodymyr Fesenko


To help citizens to realise their creative potential; to revive the best models of Ukrainian culture; to support and popularise new trends in the national arts.


  • conducting festivals, concerts, workshops, exhibitions and other activities to popularise Ukrainian arts;
  • organising meetings of important cultural leaders;
  • popularising the national arts by creating and disseminating video, audio and publishing materials (books, CDs, audio cassettes, video films etc);
  • creating radio and TV programmes dedicated to promoting of the best examples of national culture;
  • establishing newspapers, magazines, TV and radio programmes, etc.

The organisation's experience in the conservation of small rivers

In the summers of 1998, 1999, 2002 and 2003, the organisation carried out eco-educational expeditions aimed at making eco-educational video films; 5-15 people took part in the expeditions. The expeditions took place in: Khmelnytska Oblast - on the River Zgar; Vinnytska Oblast - on the Rivers Zgar, Desenka and Rostavytsya; Zhytomyrska Oblast - on the Rivers Rostavytsya and Bystryivka, and Kyivska Oblast - on the Rivers Rostavytsya and Ros.

In general, the team worked in the following way:

1. The first eco-educational expedition was organised. It included not only experts but also schoolchildren and teachers from the schools in the basin of the river to be investigated, who took an active part. In addition to collecting scientific information, taking samples and testing them, defining sources of contamination, and documenting cases of violation of the Water Code, discussions were held with the local population and administration. Some leaders were identified who might establish public environmental organisations in the future. Video material was collected along the way.

2. The material was processed systematically: articles were published in the local press, and a video film was broadcast by the oblast's TV channels and disseminated as VHS-copies. Sponsors were sought to establish a public environmental organisation.

3. The activities of the second expedition were based on the results of the first expedition. In addition to monitoring activities, school action groups belonging to existing public organisations gave performances, nature-protection activities were carried out, and video film was shot.

As a result of the activities, two 15/20-minute video films, "Zgar" and "Big Problems of the Small River Bystryivka", and a series of three 15-minute of video-books on the protection and rehabilitation of small rivers with the overall title "Small Rivers of Ukraine" were made. A brochure, "An outline for the protection and rehabilitation of small rivers", was published.

On 28, 29 and 30 July 2004, the first broadcast of each series took place on the "Fifth Channel" at 16:40 h.

In 2003, in the frame of the Small Grants Program “Save Your River’ conducted by Wetlands International Black Sea Program, the project “The Production of Audio and Visual Aids on the Protection of Small Rivers”, was supported.


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