"Zeleny Svit" (Green World) Environmental and Humanitarian Association, Chortkiv town

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Stepanenko, Olexandr Mykhailovych
P.O. Box 12, Chortkiv town,
Ternopilska Oblast, 48500
Tel: (03552) 21843
E-mail: steps@greenworld.ch.te.ua
Leader of organisation
Olexandr Stepanenko


To conserve and rehabilitate a healthy environment, landscape and biodiversity, as important conditions for a full human life, the spreading of humanistic ideas and environmental principles, creating new social and economic relationships based on the modern concept of civil society and sustainable development.


  • conducting information and educational activities (lectures, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, information tours, etc.);
  • using legal methods to involve the public in solving environmental problems (public hearings, assessments, inquiries, discussions, proposals) and participating in decision-making at central government and local authority levels.
  • participating in practical activities on preservation and rehabilitation of the environment.

The organisation's experience in the conservation of small rivers

In June 1998, the organisation carried out a public environmental assessment of a new development (a filling station and car park in Chortkiv town near the River Seret) aimed at halting construction. The question was also discussed during a session of the local authorities. Appeals were prepared to the Office of Public Prosecutor in Chortkivsky Rayon, the State Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the Oblast Epidemiological Station. In 1999-2000, the case was analysed at an arbitration tribunal. As a result, permission to complete construction of the filling station was withdrawn by all the authorities.

In 1998-2000, the organisation submitted a proposal to create a regional landscape park along the banks of the River Seret, as well as on the Rivers Bila, Mlynka and Cherkaska; it was aimed at conserving and rehabilitating important typical natural landscapes in Podilske Prydnistrovya, monitoring observance of the regime of the nature-protection zones, and organising environmentally-friendly forms of economic activities in protected areas, in particular, eco-tourism. The rationale for creating the park, developed by the organisation, was discussed during a session of Chortkiv regional authorities and the department of protected areas of the State Department of Environmental Safety in Ternopilska Oblast. The rationale was approved.

As part of the work to establish the park, the organisation conducted a series of exploratory expeditions along the Rivers Seret, Mlynka and Bila with the participation of schoolchildren and students. In addition, a workshop on the topic was organised at the Medical College in Chortkiv. A series of articles, "Landscape park on the banks of the River Seret: to be or not to be?", was published in the local press. Gaps in knowledge about the river were filled by the National Ecological Center in Ukraine and "Green World" organisation.

In 1998-2000, the organisation planted greenery along the riverbanks and cleared the area of rubbish.

In 2003, within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme organised by the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project, "Live, Our River!", was supported.


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