"Rastavytsya" Public Children's Environmental Organisation,
Matyushi village, Bilotserkivsky Rayon

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Oleksienko, Olena Mykhailivna
Lenina St., 1,
Matyushi village, Bilotserkivsky Rayon,
Kyivska Oblast, 09151
Tel: (04463) 28197, (04463) 29525
Fax: (04463) 28197
E-mail: ekorast@magnus.kiev.ua
Leader of organisation
Olena Oleksienko

The organisation was created in February 2000; its members are schoolchildren. The children are very keen and enjoy working in the organisation in order to improve the state of the River Rostavitsa and the environment of the whole village.


To develop the environmental consciousness of the young people; to develop their skills to complete practical tasks in resources conservation; to raise environmental awareness among the population.


  • public involvement in activities to solve environmental problems (cleaning up streams and their banks, planting trees, flora and fauna rehabilitation, etc.);
  • undertaking a range of practical work to improve the environment;
  • undertaking public control of compliance with environmental legislation and natural resources conservation;
  • studying flora, fauna and the aquatic areas of places where we live; studying national traditions of the use of nature, and the history of relationships between humans and nature;
  • practical, advisory, organisational and other assistance given by organisation members to the population on the problems of environmental protection and environmental education;
  • the collection and dissemination of environmental information among the population;
  • the involvement of scientists and researchers who work on biological and environmental issues in solving theoretical and practical tasks by studying and using the natural resources of Bilotserkivsky Rayon.

The organisation's experience in the conservation of small rivers

The "Improving Rostavytsya Environment" project was carried out in 2002 and supported by the REC-Kyiv Regional Environmental Centre with financial support from the European Commission. The project had the following results:

  • An environmental action force was created; video films on environmental problems and ways to solve them were made, and the makers of the films made speeches;
  • Contests for the best essay and environmental picture of the River Rostavytsya were held in schools near the Rostavytsya in Bilotserkivsky, Skvyrsky, Popilnyansky and Ruzhynsky Rayons;
  • An appeal was presented to the authorities of Matyushi and Pavoloch villages on managing the banks of the River Rostavytsya, collecting rubbish and planting trees;
  • An Information Campaign was started on the wise disposal of wastes in Matyushi and Pavoloch villages; 
  • A spring activity, “Willow”, was carried out to celebrate the Day of Environment (planting willow grafts along 2 km of riverside);
  • The edges of the forest situated near Popilnya village were managed (1,000 oak young trees planted);
  • Two expeditions were conducted in order to obtain descriptions and photographs of the condition of the banks of the River Rostavytsya (Sokoliv Brid-Strokiv: 25 km, Strokiv-Trushki: 25 km);
  • Work began on creating the first model riverside area in the village of Matyushi;
  • An information leaflet on the state of the floodplain of the River Rostavytsya was disseminated;
  • A photo exhibition and information materials on the River Rostavytsya and the state of its floodplain were prepared based on the best essays and pictures of the river;
  • An international workshop of the basin of the River Rostavytsya was held for teachers of biology and geography. The aim of the workshop was to share the experience of the public environmental organisations “Rastavytsya” and “Dyvokrai” in conducting environmental and educational activities (with the support of the Bila Tserkva Institute of Postgraduate Education for Teachers and the Bila Tserkva Regional Department of Education).

At present, the streams flow unhindered into the river, and the local population is aware of the organisation's work and how the children have cleared up the streams. The people now respect the work and the Rostavytsya environment. Leaflets requesting people not to leave rubbish on the river banks were disseminated by children - members of "Rastavytsya". The village authorities helped the children by providing transport to remove the rubbish.

Many pupils of the school - members of the organisation - became interested in the Rostavytsya water analysis tests and research into the floodplain. They took part in testing water in different parts of the river for chemical analysis. Systematising their research materials, the children use them in their small scientific projects and enter their projects in contests organised by the Small Academy of Sciences.

In December 2002, the schoolchildren showed their work at a pupils' and students' conference held at the Environmental and Nature Centre in Kyiv, and were given awards for their outstanding results in scientific research work.

The organisation held a photo exhibition, "The River of my Childhood", with 12 participants: this was aimed at drawing public attention to the problems of the River Rostavytsya.

In 2003, within the framework of the "Save your River" Small Grants Programme carried out by the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme, the project, "We Will Save the River Rostavytsya Together!", was supported.


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