Improving the Environmental State of the River Rybnytsya

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"Nash Kray" (Our Land) Regional Environmental Organisation

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Vasyl Prorochuk


Stepana Bandery St., 10B/40,
Ivano-Frankivsk city, 76004
Tel: +38 067 7032940 (mobile)


The protection and rehabilitation of valuable natural sites and complexes in the valley of the River Rybnytsya, the popularisation of economic activities that are based on the principles of sustainable development, the development of a positive attitude among the local population towards the environment, a raised level of awareness of environmental problems and the development of an environmental consciousness among the public.


  • to find, study and record landscapes in the valley of the River Rybnytsya that are valuable from environmental, historical, cultural and aesthetic points of view;
  • to collect initial descriptive, photographic and cartographic information;
  • to clean up and plant greenery on some of the most severely damaged areas in the water-protection zones in Kosivsky Rayon;
  • to promote the involvement of schoolchildren and students in the activities to clean up riverbanks and to develop a positive public attitude towards the environment and the interest of local authorities, land owners, businessmen.

Project Area

Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


A field survey was conducted in the valley of the River Rybnytsya

The main goals of the field survey were to collect descriptive, photographic and cartographic information. Children from secondary schools in Kosiv and Yavoriv towns and students from Kosiv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art were involved. During the survey, the participants investigated the environmental state of River Rybnytsya, the level of bank pollution and the state of trout weirs. A detailed description of the River Rybnytsya was produced, water from 10 sites was sampled and analysed, and a schematic map was made of the environmental state of the river. Photographic and video materials were collected.


Information-educational work was carried out

Based on the results of the field survey, a workshop was organised at which heads of local authorities and representatives of state and public environmental organisations took part. The activities of the workshop and results of the field survey were featured in the local mass media.

Three photo exhibitions were held: in Kosiv (Pavlyk park), the "U Bohdana" photo studio and "Gutsulshchyna" National Nature Park.

A colour booklet, "The Protected River Rybnytsya as a One of the Largest Water Arteries of Kosiv Region", was produced, describing the Rybnytsya. The booklet was disseminated in the rayon, where the River Rybnytsya flows, including at public meetings where the environmental state of the river was discussed.


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