Wetlands of Kosivshchyna

Grant Recipient

"Spadshchyna Gutsulshchyny" (Heritage of Gutsulshchyna) Regional Public Organisation

Project Leader

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Lyubomyr Derzhypilsky


Druzhby St., 137,
Kosiv town, Ivano-Frankivska Oblast, 76000
Tel: +38 03478 21236
Fax: +38 03478 21236


The protection and rehabilitation of wetlands and biodiversity, the development of public environmental consciousness and of ways to use natural resources sustainably


  • to find, describe, map, record and photograph the wetlands of Kosivshchyna;
  • to study species composition and the state of populations of flora and fauna;
  • to analyse the state of wetlands;
  • to classify wetlands according species, usage and level of anthropogenic influence;
  • to develop recommendations for conservation actions; 
  • to define sites of international importance;
  • to manage certain sites and set up protection signs; to define recreational areas;
  • to involve young people and other citizens in nature-protection activities;
  • to develop a feeling among the general public of responsibility for the environment.

Project Area

Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


Maps and documents on organisation of the use of land were studied

According to the studied maps and documents, lakes and ponds of Kosivsky Rayon cover around 80 ha. However, it does not include natural lakes and artificial ponds, located at the territory of forestry, and wetlands along rivers, characterised by rich biodiversity. Lakes and ponds mostly are not mentioned in popular topographic maps and maps-schemes. It is necessary to clarify location of existing wetlands and their area - it became the goal for this project.


Investigation and mapping of wetlands of Kosiv region was conducted

In February-March 2004, 11 field trips to investigate natural and artificial ponds and wetlands were conducted (project team included ecologist, botanist, 2 zoologists and geographer). In addition, river network was monitored, because rivers, wetlands, ponds and lakes are interrelated and make up one natural complex. Flora and fauna diversity of wetlands was also studied. Three natural lakes of different origin, 6 complexes of artificial ponds and wetlands were monitored. The studies covered two thirds of the rayon territory. Based on materials of field researches, maps and descriptions were prepared. In the process of the project implementation, herbarium of water and wetlands plants with 62 species was collected and is being processed.


Recommendations were developed how to conserve and restore wetlands, protective benchmarks were installed

Based on conducted analysis of environmental state of Kosiv wetlands, the following recommendations were developed:

  • to control strictly use of wetlands for a specified purpose;
  • to fight with poaching, environmental illiteracy, littering of the ponds and their banks;
  • to leave protective lines along the ponds, which should not be ploughed;
  • to mention limitations, related to use of wetlands and presence of rare types of flora and fauna in privatisation documents;
  • to reconstruct, repair and clean unkempt ponds;
  • to strengthen river bank protection;
  • in order to prevent riverbed deepening and to create favourable conditions for fish communities, to repair existing weirs and to build new ones.

Three posters, describing Lebedyne, Mertve and Banske lakes, were prepared with short information about the lakes, including their scientific and esthetical significance, existing problems and notes on their use.


Informational and educational activities are conducted

Colour booklet "Gutsulshchyna" National Nature Park was prepared and published with the circulation of 300 copies. Also photo-album was prepared.

Local press (newspapers "Zakhid" and "Gutsulsky Kray") published articles about the project topic. On 29 and 30 March 2004, radio "Niko-FM" broadcasted the interview with the head of the project about the project activities.


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