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Anatoliy Podobailo


Rayduzhna St., 31, Apt. 48,
Kyiv city, 02218 
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To ensure the protection of the population of Sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) in the River Desna and the involvement of local authorities and the environmental community of Chernihivska Oblast in protecting the wetlands of the River Desna.


  • to make an inventory of Sterlet spawning sites in the River Desna;
  • to prepare a set of documents to establish ichthyological reserves in the most important spawning places;
  • to publish and disseminate a special issue of the information bulletin, "Protection of biodiversity and nature-protection activity in Ukraine", dedicated to the problems of protecting the wetlands of Chernihivska Oblast;
  • to disseminate leaflets and transparencies on the problems of the protection and sustainable use of wetlands.

Project Area

Chernihivska Oblast


An inventory of Sterlet spawning sites was made

Project workers analysed Sterlet catch data collected by the Chernihivska Oblast Fish Inspection Service for the period from 1983 until the present and reports produced by the Ichthyology Department of the Institute of Hydrobiology for the period from 1990 until the present. They also identified Sterlet spawning sites on the River Desna; these were found in Kozeletsky, Chernihivsky, Novgorod-Siversky Rayons, Chernihivska Oblast, and Brovarsky Rayon, Kyiv Oblast.


Ichthyological and hydrobiological research was undertaken in aquatic areas of the proposed reserves

An expedition group from the Centre undertook ichthyological and hydrobiological research in the lower reaches of the River Desna. The following aquatic areas were identified for designation as ichthyological reserves for the protection of the Sterlet population: the delta of the Desna, the "Kosa" stretch near Litky village and the "Dubove" stretch near Ladynka village. Having inspected the aquatic areas around Chernihiv city, the project workers decided not to recommend the establishment of a reserve there as it might cause substantial problems for the development of city infrastructure in the future. Instead, the designation of a water-protection area near Litky village in Kyiv Oblast was proposed. Here, at the Sterlet spawning site, activities to create spawning habitat (such as scattering stones into the stream to form man-made spits) were undertaken. The Chernihiv Oblast Fish Inspection Service received special financing from the State Department of the Environment and Natural Resources in Chernihiv Oblast to create a reserve near Ladynka village, therefore the project workers concentrated their efforts on the creation of the other three reserves.


A set of documents to announce the establishment of three ichthyological reserves was prepared

Scientific rationales and mapping materials were prepared to announce:

  • "Kam'yany rig" ichthyological reserve of local importance, near Morovsk village, Kozeletsky Rayon, Chernihivska Oblast (35 ha);
  • "Litkivsky" ichthyological reserve of local importance, at the confluence of the Rivers Desna and Lyubych near Litky village, Brovarsky Rayon, Kyiv Oblast (35 ha);
  • "Urochyshche Kilnyshche" general zoological reserve of local importance, near Zazym'ya village, Brovarsky Rayon, Kyiv Oblast (42 ha).

These documents, with a covering letter from the State Nature Protection Service, were forwarded to the State Departments of the Environment and Natural Resources in Kyiv and Chernihiv Oblasts. The inquiries relating to announcing these areas as Nature Protection Fund sites are in the pipeline for consideration at sessions of Morovsk, Litky and Zazym'ya Village Councils. After the village councils' decisions have been received, the documents will be sent to rayon councils.


Information materials were prepared and distributed

Two thousand copies of the leaflet, "Let's Give the Sterlet a Chance to Survive", were printed. They describe the characteristics of Sterlet biology and why the populations have declined, and the locations of existing and planned ichthyological reserves on the River Desna.

A bulletin, "The Protection of Biodiversity and Nature Protection Activity in Ukraine" was published, with a circulation of 800 copies. The bulletin explains the conceptual basis for the development of nature-protection activities in Ukraine and includes a "Statement about the Order in which Steps are Taken when Reserves, Natural Monuments and Conservation Areas are Announced", legislation on inserting changes into the Law of Ukraine, "Regarding Hunting Economy and Hunting", and information concerning public actions, measures and campaigns.

These information materials were sent, together with the "Proceedings of the First International Interdisciplinary Conference on Wild Nature, 'Tribune 10'" and "A Short Course on Environmental Ethics", to universities, the biology faculties of pedagogical universities, Oblast Departments of the Environment and Natural Resources, Oblast libraries, the Central Scientific Library, and reserves and village councils along the River Desna.


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