The Publication of a Brochure, "Practical Experience in the Rehabilitation of Small Rivers" and Production of a Poster-Calendar Relating to the Results of the Successful Programme, "The Rehabilitation of Small Rivers"

Grant Recipient

"Eco-Gal-Ostwind" Public Environmental Youth Organisation

Project Leader

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Igor Dydych


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The preparation and publication of an advisory brochure on the practical results of a project (undertaken in 2001-2002) named "The Rehabilitation of Small Rivers", taking into consideration the experiences of organisations that are members of URN; the production of a poster-calendar with information about how the current problems could have been avoided and reminding the public about its responsibility to prevent river pollution.


  • to publish an advisory brochure, "'Practical Experience in the Rehabilitation of Small Rivers", about the protection of small rivers, describing methods for collaborating with the local population and governmental bodies and for involving young volunteer environmentalists in the activities;
  • to produce a poster-calendar, "The Health of the River is the Health of the Nation" (2004-2005), drawing attention to the specific articles in the Water Code relating to responsibility for violations. The poster-calendar will include a pictorial diagram of potential polluters.

Project Area

Ivano-Frankivska Oblast


Between May 2001 and April 2002, "Eco-Gal-Ostwind" carried out a project in Kalush town entitled, "Rehabilitation of Small Rivers", supported by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine. As a result of this work, "Eco-Gal-Ostwind" published an advisory brochure, "Practical Experience in the Rehabilitation of Small Rivers", (500 copies) and a poster-calendar (1000 copies).

The advisory brochure contains information about how the "Rehabilitation of Small Rivers" project was implemented, giving details about the measures taken. In particular, the following activities were carried out:

  • a two-day conference was held on the issues that the project planned to address;
  • a survey was carried out among the general public on the topicality of protecting small rivers;
  • a competition, “Ecoview”, was held (for the best and the worst natural sites in the town). There were several categories: 1) best poem or piece of prose, 2) best drawing, 3) best photo (this category was not only for children but also for adults);
  • creative educational programmes on environmental issues were organised for young volunteers (14 youngsters of 15-17 years);
  • an educational activity was held for the general public who live in private sector areas on the banks of the Rivers Sivka and Mlynivka (over the year, volunteers did rounds of the area and held short meetings to give a brief explanation about the Water Code of Ukraine; they also distributed information leaflets);
  • rivers were cleaned up, under bridges in particular, where a great deal of rubbish accumulates;
  • trees and bushes were planted in autumn and spring;
  • notice boards were made; for example: “The river is the blood of the Earth, it should be healthy and clean. Let’s care about our health and life!”;
  • during the year, water samples were taken and analysed to determine pollution levels;
  • round tables were held at which participants signed up to a common agreement about their responsibility for keeping the rivers and riverbanks clean.

The guidelines also contain details of the legislation that should be used to protect rivers. In attachments, examples are given of leaflets and appeals useful for working with the general public, people living in the private sector, and representatives of enterprises and organisations. The work undertaken is also illustrated in photographs.

Some articles from the Water Code of Ukraine and Constitution of Ukraine also appear on the poster-calendar, "The Health of the River is the Health of the Nation". The poster includes photos taken at different stages of project implementation. A calendar for the year 2004-2005 and "Green Dates" appear at the bottom. The schematic map shows the sites where the Rivers Sivka and Mlynivka are polluted and identifies the main polluters. Substances that may endanger living organisms when normal levels are exceeded are also indicated. The poster may be useful as an illustrated manual for those who try to draw attention to the problems of small rivers.

The advisory brochure and poster-calendar were sent to all members of the Ukrainian Rivers Network and environmental NGOs, distributed in towns, institutions and enterprises throughout the oblast and to schools and colleges in Kalush town and Ivano-Frankivska Oblast. For two years the poster will remind the public and local authorities in Kalush town and Kalusky Rayon about potential polluters and fulfil its special educational purpose.


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