The Enhancement of Carpathian Small Rivers

Grant Recipient

"Vodograi" (Fountain) Bukovynsky Environmental and Spiritual Centre


Project Leader

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Viktor Prykhodko


Banyliv-Pidgirny village,
Storozhynetsky Rayon,
Chernivetska Oblast, 59020 
Tel: +38 03735 53265
Fax: +38 03735 53265


The organisation of a model clean up of the banks and tributaries of the River Maly Seret, and the clearing of the Rivers Seret, Maly Seret and Siretel' of trees and blockages of debris; collection of information in order to publish educational materials; raising the awareness of local communities of experience of cooperation between governmental bodies, local authorities and NGOs on the protection and rehabilitation of rivers.


  • to carry out nature-protection activities involving clearing riverbanks of domestic rubbish and clearing the sources of the Rivers Seret, Maly Seret and Seretel’ of timber debris, piles of trees and other blockages;
  • to improve collaboration between local authorities and public, state and private organisations and institutions and encourage them to adhere to Ukrainian legislation on the protection of small rivers;
  • to publicise the work of local NGOs – members of the Ukrainian Rivers Network – among rayon and village authorities and educational institutions through publishing information materials (leaflets, a booklet, “Let us rehabilitate the rivers of Bukovyna”, and a bulletin, “Towards a perception of the harmony of life”);
  • to hold an oblast-level workshop, “Environmental education in children’s and youth organisations and associations”;
  • to carry out public awareness-raising activities in towns and villages of the oblast and to work with local inhabitants, authorities and the mass-media.

Project Area

Chernivetska Oblast


Action to clean up the riparian zone of the River Maly Seret

Fourteen organisers and 60 participants took part in this action in spring 2003. The village council provided transport to clean up the riparian zone of the Maly Seret. With the help of the council, some of the rubbish was moved to the village rubbish dump, and some was buried in a place well away from the riparian zone identified by the local authorities. Six such rubbish dumps were identified on the riverbank, where participants of the action undertook a thorough clean up.


Environmental action to clear riparian zones of blockages of wood and debris left after tree felling

In June-August 2003, three field teams from "Vodograi" worked to clear the beds of the Seret and the Maly Seret, Siretel and other tributaries of logs and branches left after logging and other blockages of debris; they also constructed weirs. To summarise, the following results were achieved:

  • about 120 km of the above-mentioned rivers and their tributaries were monitored;
  • 14 weirs were constructed;
  • about 100 trees, washed down by floods and blown into the river by the wind, were identified. As far as they were physically and technically able, the "Vodograi" teams removed more than 60 trees from the riverbed (in order to avoid fallen trees causing new blockages); 
  • about 40 places in the riverbed were cleared of a number of blockages caused by tree debris left after felling activities;
  • 23 young people studied how to undertake environmental action on mountain rivers and streams; they included 19 schoolchildren taking part in this type of activity for the first time.


A circular, booklets and bulletin were published and distributed

The circular "Appeal to Countrymen" (print run 10,000 copies) is an appeal by young environmentalists of Banyliv-Pidgirnivska High School, which is a part of "Vodograi" Bukovynsky Environmental and Spiritual Centre, to protect their river and to take part in actions to clean up rivers. The main objective of the full-colour booklet, "Guidance on Rehabilitating Carpathian Small Rivers" (circulation 1,000 copies) is to inform the reader about the quality of the water in small Carpathian rivers, sources of pollution and the environmental state of the rivers and how to improve them, and to describe the work of "Vodograi" and make general recommendations.

Target groups of the booklet, "Let Us Rehabilitate the Rivers of Bukovyna" (А6 format, 24 pages, circulation 1000 copies), were citizens of Bukovynsky region who live in the basin of the River Seret and whose activities directly or indirectly influence the environmental state of rivers and their surroundings. The booklet explains to the reader that human health and well-being depend directly on the state of the natural environmental; it aims to strengthen the public attitude towards the protection and restoration of small rivers.

Issue #2 of the ecological bulletin, "Towards a Perception of the Harmony of Life" (16 pages, circulation 1,000 copies), includes an assessment of the state of the Seret, Maly Seret and Siretel rivers, the scenario for the action group's performance, and parts of children's essays devoted to rivers.


An oblast-level workshop, "Ways to Rehabilitate the Rivers of Bukovyna", was held

The workshop was held on 14 December 2003 in Banyliv-Pidgirny village. Thirty-three people participated: teachers, directors of schools, deputy directors of schools, educationists, representatives of the State Department of the Environment and Natural Resources in Chernivetska Oblast, Department of Forestry in Chernivetska Oblast, Storozhynetsky Department of Education, Banyliv-Pidgirny Regional Hospital, Banyliv forestry area, Banyliv-Pidgirny Village Council, Chernivsti Branch of the Society for Environmental Protection, volunteers, etc. At the workshop, the topics for discussion included the environmental state of the River Seret: the attitude of local communities to the environment; environmental actions devoted to rehabilitating the rivers in the Bukovynsky region and their role in establishing an environmental ideology in young people; the consolidation of efforts by local authorities, business and the public to protect and restore the state of rivers.


Meetings were held with local citizens, local authorities and the mass media

As a part of their project obligations, the "Vodograi" information-action volunteer group held public meetings in 16 settlements in Storozhynetsky and Vyzhnytsky Rayons, Chernivetska Oblast, over a period of 14 days. Taking into account meetings that were also held in hamlets, the "Vodograi" team held a total of around 30 meetings.


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