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The First Working Meeting of the Ukrainian Rivers Network

2001, village Kamyany Brid, Zhytomyr Oblast


The First Working Meeting of the Ukrainian Rivers Network - national association of NGOs working on river protection - took place on the 27-30 June 2001. It was organised by the School Geographical Society “The Planet” (village Golovyne, Zhytomyr Oblast), the Wetlands International Black Sea Programme and National Ecological Centre of Ukraine with the financial support of Wetlands International and environmental non-profit organisation ISAR-Kyiv. The meeting was carried out in the field conditions on the picturesque bank of the small river Bystryivka (it is the tributary of the third order of the Dnipro River) not far from the village Kamyany Brid in Zhytomyr Oblast.

45 representatives of environmental NGOs from 14 oblasts of Ukraine, Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Kyiv and Sevastopol cities took part in the meeting. Participants exchanged their opinions on the following items:

  • improvement of NGO activity on river conservation.
  • co-operation between environmental NGOs and local authorities as well as between NGOs and mass-media; and
  • environmental education.

Activities of the URN working groups and URN members, perspectives for integration of the URN (it consists of 53 NGOs and 2 personal members) into Pan-European processes including preparation to the 5th Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe" (Kyiv-2003) were discussed. Participants made a decision to establish two more URN working groups: Environmental Education and Environmental Policy Groups. So now the URN has five working groups, including previously established Organisation Group, Fundraising Group and Information Exchange Group.

The main output of the meeting was an approval of the URN Work Plan 2001-2002 with objectives for every member and every working group. Participants made a decision to list threatened rivers and elaborate a relevant methodological approach for its preparation. They discussed URN proposals to the Draft Governmental Programme of Environmental NGOs Support. Special attention was paid to pollution of rivers Ingulets and Siversky Donets. Participants decided to initiate complex research of these rivers. A letter to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine and Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the protest against completion of the Tashlyk Hydro Accumulating Power Station and filling of the Olexandrivske Water Reservoir on the Pivdenny Bug River was adopted. 


Public Participation in Conservation of Small Rivers in Ukraine. 2003. Proceedings of the All-Ukrainian Seminar and First Workshop of the Ukrainian Rivers Network. [In Ukrainian, Russian.] Wetlands International, Kyiv. 136 p. (pdf 1328 Kb)

The book contains materials from the All-Ukrainian Seminar "Public Participation in Conservation of Small Rivers in Ukraine", which was held on 17-19 November 2000 in Kyiv, and documents from the First Workshop of the Ukrainian Rivers Network (national association of NGOs working on river protection), which was conducted on 27-30 June 2001 on the banks of the small river Bystryivka (a third-order tributary of the Dnipro River), not far from Kamyany Brid village in Zhytomyr Oblast.



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