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Regulations on Ukrainian Rivers Network

Approved by the participants of All-Ukrainian Seminar
“Public Participation in Conservation of Small Rivers in Ukraine”
on 19 November, 2000, Kyiv

1. The Ukrainian Rivers Network (further Network) is a volunteer association of citizens, NGOs and local communities.

2. Mission:
to promote improvement of ecological state of small rivers and positive changes in environmental policy of Ukraine in the field of river conservation.

3. Objectives:

  • unite efforts of NGOs around the problem of small river conservation;
  • learn to live in harmony with nature;
  • promote informational exchange among NGOs;
  • promote public participation in the elaboration and realisation of environmental policy in Ukraine;
  • lead broad environmental, educational and pedagogic activities;
  • promote conduction of actions and campaigns concerning improvement of ecological state of rivers;
  • develop international co-operation in the field of nature conservation.

4. The main governance body of the Network is a General Assembly, held annually. The General Assembly will approve all decisions by consensus.

5. In the periods between General Assemblies, activity of the Network is co-ordinated in such directions as informational exchange, fundraising and organisation of General Assembly. A co-ordinator of direction will be an organisation - member of the Network. Co-ordinators will be appointed by General Assembly on the basis of initiative proposals of organisations - members of the Network.



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